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Advance Your Hair Extension Career!

As I was listening to a recent hair extension student tell me about the lack of properly trained hair extension experts in her city I couldn't help but think of the tremendous opportunity SHE was seizing by taking a class with me.  It's the common denominator in just about every success story.  The person on the receiving end of tremendous wealth and opportunity says, "I saw a need and I filled it."

students1If you see you that salons in your area are not providing good service or products - be the first in your area to change that!  Nothing markets itself better than a good product or service.  Word will get around and you will be successful!  In the hair extension business, amazingly, many salons are still only offering braided, cornrowed or glued-in (or bonded) methods of hair extensions.  

I knew I could be of service to the hair industry when I saw a need in salons for stylists to learn methods of hair extensions that were without braids, cornrows and glue.  Since that time I have produced 10 hair extension training DVDs and many segments, appearing on national and international television detailing 7 different techniques of hair extensions that do not use cornrows, braids or glue.

item2aI've enjoyed a great career in cosmetology by simply fulfilling a need where I saw one.  I encourage you to do the same.  Even if you're not familiar the every salon in your area, just look around at the people you encounter in your area - at restaurants, grocery stores, banks.  If you see what I see in so many cities and towns - bad hair extensions - then you can bet your services will be met with appreciation and rewarded with dollars!

If you're a salon stylist, owner or student of cosmetology I encourage you to thoroughly review the hair extension classes and DVD's pages on my website Stop complaining about business and do something to enhance what you're offering to the people in your area.  Let them know you've got something new in hair extensions for them to try!

Lisha Coleman was named Best Hair Extensionist by Allure Magazine and is an internationally recognized expert in the field of hair extensions.

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