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Everybody Gets A LittleLonely On Christmas

"Fishin' Song"
Words & Music by Zach Tate
Produced by Zach Tate, Anthony Puskus, Tom Rivera and Andy Bradley
Engineered and Mixed by Andy Bradley at Sugar Hill Studios, Houston, TX
Executive Producer Denis Pons

Zach Tate - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tom Rivera - Lead guitar, Backing vocals
Chuck Cabler - Bass
Gary Graham - Piano
Anthony Puskus - Drums, Backing Vocals

Video: Coleman Tate Productions

"Fishin' Song"
Words and music by Zach Tate

Man back in from the promised land
Kissed the bride forgot to shake her hand
She said all kinds of things he didn't understand,
"Once upon a time you were a serious man!"

Long vacations with the Little Misses
Don't mean nothin' when she blowin' kisses
Genie from the bottle said, "You got three wishes"
"C'mon baby, just do the dishes!"

Here come that Southern Train
Barrellin' on down through the pourin' rain
Love gonna holler out in Jesus name
Sure is sexy, sure is strange

I know the truth I just can't face it
Get my shine straight from the basement
I got love I just can't taste it
Baby don't go I'm too damn wasted

Boat takin' water, boat is fillin' up
Can't get nothin' with a coffee cup
Man spoke to Jesus, "Won't you help me bail?"
He said, "Man I'd like to help ya but my hands are nailed."

Down in the valley Man on a mission
Feedin' all the kids, just the Christians
God spoke to Man but he didn't listen
God said, "Fuck ya'll! I'm goin' fishin'!"



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