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Great for students of cosmetology or anyonewho loves doing hair!

Advanced Kits and Class Prices Below

The Microindies Technique

The Micro-Indies Method: Learning this advanced, combination wefted /individual technique requires patience and skill but gives a stylist a cutting edge on the competition. Using small "microlinks" hair is individually attached to the client or can be attached using wefts. This technique originated in Beverly Hills and is a favorite among elite clientele. Some salons have seen this technique earn $10,000.00 on a single client.
DVD And Kit: $499.00
Course fee (includes kit): $1,800.00 Stylist Earns: $1,500.00-$10,000.00

The Fusion Method

The Fusion Method: Lisha uses a protein bees-wax based polymer (not as damaging as glue) With Fusion, Lisha created Shari Belafonte's look for Playboy. You'll learn the very important skill of determining whether or not Fusion is good for your client as well as how to create many dynamic styles with this versatile technique.

DVD And Kit: $299.00 Course fee (includes kit): $875.00 Stylist Earns: $750.00-$1,500.00

The Malaysian Method: Worn by many models and entertainers, The Malaysian Method is the most undetectable technique available today. You'll learn to create a foundation using a single thread and micro-thin weft. This procedure requires precision (2-4 hrs. to complete a full head) but is well worth the investment for both stylist and client. Mastering this technique will put any stylist into an elite category of Hair Extension Specialists.
DVD: $299.00
Course fee: $1200.00 Stylist Earns: $575.00-$2500.00

The Swedish Technique: This technique can be worn by Caucasian, African American, Asian and Latin women. Usage on fine hair produces a beautifully flat result. A single thread is used with vertical pieces of hair to create a look that lasts 2-3 months. The Swedish Technique is the prefered method of Caucasian clients but achives wonderful results with relaxed African American structured hair as well
DVD: $299.00
Course fee: $1200.00 Stylist Earns: $575.00-$2500.00

The Swedish Technique

Securelocking (4 part series): This incredible 4 part series was designed by Lisha Coleman specifically for men and women suffering from thinning hair or bald spots. Includes: How To Attach A Custom Integration, Hair Replacement and The Netting Method. There are over 20 million women in the U.S. alone suffering from some form of hair loss. Securelocking will enable you to partake in this lucrative area of Hair Extensions.
DVD: $299.00 Course fee: $1200.00 Stylist Earns: $575.00-$2500.00

The Securelocking Method

How To Custom Manufacture An Integration DVD & Kit: This 2 part DVD & Kit supplies the stylist with everything needed to create a custom fitted Integration. Integrations can sell for as much as $10,000.00 depending on hair, client and turn-around time. Learning this technique keeps the creative and quality control with the stylist. An Integration lasts 1-3 years - a good investment to acquire long-term clients!

DVD & Kit: $499.00 Course fee: $1500.00 Stylist Earns: $1500.00-$5000.00

How To Make Custom Integrations
The Interlocking Technique
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Lisha Coleman's Hair Extension DVD Series


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Interlocking: A unique technique that is flat and smooth and requires only 2 hours (or less) to complete a full head. This is a natural way to wear hair additions. The method entails sewing using the client's hair as the foundation. This is combined with wefted human hair and joined together using a blanket stitch. The result is flawless, longer and thicker hair.

DVD: $179.00 Course fee $875.00 Stylist Earns: $475.00-$975.00 (full head)

The Malaysian Method

* Earn $375.00 - $5,000.00 per client!
* Certification from LCI
* Social Media Marketing, branding yourself
* Landing television and movie jobs

Kits include DVDs and all supplies needed to do the described techniques.

The Money is in Hair Extensions!
The most exciting thing about Hair Extension is the remarkable amount of money you'll go on to earn in a short period of time! Extensionists can easily earn from $375.00 to $5,000.00 with one client. We not only teach you the skills needed to create professional extensions in ANY salon across the United States, we teach you how to market yourself to obtain the best paying jobs. Whether you're aiming to be freelance or work out of a salon or open your own salon, you'll come away with the tools you'll need to ensure a lucrative future in Hair Extensions!

Earn a Certificate in Hair Extensions!
Lisha Coleman is the internationally recognized leader in Hair Extension Technology. She is a regular contributor to many national publications on Hair Extensions and is widely regarded as the best instructor on the subject. A certificate from The Coleman Institute will give you the respect you deserve as a trained and certified hair extension expert enabling you to earn top dollar for your services.

Be Part Of The Coleman Network!
As a Certified Hair Extension Specialist from the Coleman Institute you will be part of our growing network of specialists who benefit from country-wide referrals as well as constant updating of the latest techniques and trends affecting the hair extension industry. We keep in touch with our specialists to ensure a continuing level of quality and money-making opportunity. Lisha is always available to the network providing any needed updates or to handle unique hair extension situations that might require a second opinion.

Get Started Kit (Interlocking):
Get Started Kit (Integration):
Get Started Kit (Securelocking): $599.00
Get Started Kit (Swedish): $599.00
Get Started Kit (Malaysian): $599.00
Get Started Kit (Fusion): $699.00
Get Started Kit (Microindies): $599.00

DVDs (sold individually)
Interlocking Video:
Securelocking Video (4 part series on one DVD):
ntegration Video & Kit: $499.00
Malaysian Video: $299.00
Swedish Video: $299.00
Fusion Video & Kit: $399.00
Micro-Indies Video & Kit: $499.00

DVD PACKAGES! (more than one video - without kit)
3 DVDs (Interlocking, Integration, Securelocking): $725.00
5 DVDs (Interlocking, Integration, Securelocking, Swedish, Malaysian):
7 DVDs (Interlocking, Integration, Securelocking, Swedish, Malaysian, Fusion, Microlinking): $1800.00

Get Started In Business Kit: This kit will set any person in the right direction to pursue a career in hair extensions! Included with this kit is the license to use the world-recognized Lisha Coleman name and logo in ads and in your salon. We include predesigned ads with the Lisha logo - with room for your salon name and name phone number. We also include 7 11X14 color gloss salon posters that represent each technique with beautiful before and after photographs. A personal portfolio is also included with photographs of the techniques - nothing sells the technique like a before and after photograph. This is a professional portfolio that has room for you to add your own photos. We know your clients will want hair extensions done by you after they see the evidence of what Lisha's techniques can do for their appearance. Clients will be inspired and ready to work with you!: $1999.00
You must purchase all seven videos to be elegible for this offer.

Get Started In Business Deluxe Kit (all Videos, Supplies and Business Kit): Everything you need to start your business and make money in the lucrative world of hair extensions!: $4460.00

PACKAGE DEALS! (More than one DVD and a kit)
Get Started Deluxe 3 Video Kit: (Interlocking, Integration, Securelocking): $999.00
Get Started Deluxe 5 Video Kit: (Interlocking, Integration, Securelocking, Swedish, Malaysian): $1499.00
Get Started Deluxe 7 Video Kit: (Interlocking, Integration, Securelocking, Swedish, Malaysian, Fusion, Microindies): $1999.00

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learn hair extensions lisha.com
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learn hair extensions lisha.com
learn hair extensions lisha.com
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