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Lisha with Photographer Greg Gorman in the Florida Keys.
Greg Gorman Lisha Coleman
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The Fusion Method

Similar to Great Lengths and many other individual hair extension attachments, The Fusion Method gives Latina singing star, Marisela, the movement and flexibility she needs. Natural and undetectable, thsi method produces some of the best results but must be used cautiously with people with delicate hair.

In 2007, Marisela released a compilation of greatest hits entitled Noches Eternas with a Mariachi sound to it. She is preparing to release the most waited for production of No Soy Una Mentirosa this year.

Marisela is one of the artists that will always remain a favorite in the hearts of her audience. Now in the heart of a new generation to come that is through their ancestors listening to her songs and becoming fans of her all over again. She is now known as "La Dama de Hierro."

Lisha Coleman
Performance: The Fusion Method
Latina singing star, Marisela, wears Lisha's hair extensions at a Hollywood, California performance.
Using a specially designed polymer to attach the hair, The Fusion Method produces an incredibly natural looking result. Not recommended for fragile or thin hair.

Shari Belafonte had her hair extensions installed by Lisha for the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Shari Belafonte Lisha Coleman

Lisha's Hair Extensions for Shari Belafonte as seen on the cover of Playboy. Go behind the scenes with Lisha in the Florida Keys, Miami and Los Angeles!

Shari Belafonte
Make-up & hair
Make up & hair

Cost: $875.00 and up

Time to complete a full head: 3-8 hrs

Lasts: 2-4 months

Partial coverage is available and price varies depending on the amount of hair required. Uses human hair and is attached using a special bees-wax based polymer.
Real Housewives Hair Weaves
Kim Kardashian Lisha Coleman
Playboy Model

The Fusion Method is done by adding individual strands of extension hair (we use only 100% human hair) to a person's natural hair. The extension hair is attached using a specific bee's wax based polymer. We do not use glue or any other type of adhesive as we have found this bee's wax based polymer to be the best and least damaging to the hair (compared to many glues and other plastic based polymers on the market). Fusion is not the healthiest method of applying hair extensions but it can produce some of the best results. If you are willing to sacrifice some hair breakage this could be the best method for you. If you are trying to grow your hair out and maintain optimum hair health we wouldn't recommend this method. All of the other methods we do provide flat and smooth results as well but are healthyier on the hair.

Hair Extensions for men!

When Hollywood's hottest celebrities are looking to enhance their manes with length, volume or perhaps a kiss of color, they turn to Lisha Coleman, whose cosmetology career has spanned 20 years and many of the country's entertainment meccas.

A Baltimore native, Lisha broke into the business by handling hair for actresses and actors on Broadway, then moved into the realm of television (and balmier weather) when caring for coifs on the Florida set of Miami Vice. Eventually Hollywood called, and Lisha moved to the West Coast to develop daring designs for TV, film and music stars.

Big name beauties like Shari Belafonte, Linda Lawrence and Janet Jackson seek Lisha's extension expertise, and the mane maven's resume also includes work for Stevie Wonder (his famous braids), The Temptations, The Supremes, Bill Cosby, Muhammed Ali, George Foreman, Eddie Murphy, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Laurence Fishburn.

Lisha's extension repertoire includes a custom Integration she designed on NBC's nationall syndicated show, The Other Half, making over a model enhanced by natural spirals.

In addition to servicing her celebrity extension clientele, Lisha has developed Lisha Coleman's Collection of natural skin and hair care products and produces and hosts Lisha Coleman's Health and Beauty Show as well as her own instructional video programs, Lisha Coleman's Hair Extension Video Series. For more information call 281-335-8620 or visit www.lisha.com

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Celebrity Stylist: Extension Expert To The Stars Lisha Coleman
From Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine
Hair Extensions and Make-up: Lisha Coleman / Photography: Zach Tate
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