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Another Million Dollar Hair Extensions Career Launched!

Lisha Coleman Institute of Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement graduate, Tinu Abiodun, from Manchester, England is set to reach her goal of making more money in hair extensions than she ever dreamed.  By taking Lisha Coleman’s hair extension Custom Integration class, Abiodun, has achieved a level of expertise unsurpassed in her chosen field of cosmetology.

HairExtensions12a1“I am very happy because I now have the qualifications! I’m glad I got it through Lisha because she is renowned to be the best by Allure Magazine.  After now I can say, ‘Yes, she is!’ She is the best!”

Abiodun is a mobile stylist in Manchester, England while also working from two salons.  She worked doing hair extensions on all hair types (black, white, Asian) in London, England for many years and considers Coleman to be the best hair extensions instructor available to hair stylists wanting to expand their clientel and make more money.

“I found Lisha on the Internet ( and followed her for two years. Her website is fantastic but I also followed her on YouTube!  I think it was also the personal communication we had because she is brilliant at explaining what she does and what she can offer.  She is my number one choice!”

Lisha Coleman was voted best by Allure Magazine and has styled hair extensions for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  Coleman is a household-name celebrity in her own right, as proven by Jeopardy!, the world’s most popular television game show, that created a question using the Lisha Coleman name. As Alex Trebek said, “Lisha Coleman has added these to Shari Belafonte’s and Laila Ali’s locks.”  The contestant quickly and correctly answered, “What are hair extensions?” 

Lisha Coleman began her hair extensions career on Broadway in New York City and has since traveled the world doing hair extensions for the rich and famous.  Coleman was a Hollywood Hills resident for many years and gained an international reputation as the best in the hair extensions field.  When Time Magazine, American Salon or any of over 100 hair and beauty magazines needed a quote for an article about hair extensions, they called Lisha Coleman.

Abiodun traveled thousands of miles to be trained by Lisha Coleman, as have many graduates of Lisha Coleman’s school, because she wanted the best.  “I wanted something exclusive. The Custom Integration was my first choice.  Lisha is very professional.  I feel I’m confident now to go out there and do it straight away!” 

Coleman is well known for her network of graduate stylists around the world and refers potential clients to her students if she is not personally available.

“ It was wonderful working with Tinu.  She’s a smart girl, with a desire to make women beautiful! She is going to be rich! I’m looking forward to traveling to Manchester, as well as Tinu’s home country of Nigeria to train more students who want to earn the kind of big money there is in hair extensions!”

Hair Extensions classes are offered by the Lisha Coleman Institute of Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement year-round in group or one-on-one settings.  More information available at or by calling 281-825-1600.

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