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​If you think you wrestle with your hair - try having someone else wrestle it for you!  When professional wrestling diva, Miss Black America 1991, Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman came to me for hair extensions I knew she needed the right combination of durability and beauty to match the unusual, to say the least, demands on her hair.  I chose Interlocking for Sharmell and together we created a look that was sensational!  
No braiding, cornows or glue means healthy, flat, natural, sexy looking hair!  I use this method frequently when a client wants to grow her own hair out without damaging it while wearing extensions.  
In addition to her own wrestling career, Sharmell also works with her husband, former WWE Champion, Booker T at the Pro Wrestling Alliance training facility in Houston.

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Entrepreneur, inventor and internationally recognized hair extension specialist, Lisha Coleman, was honored in Springdale, Maryland on November 9th, 2013 by the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland for achievement in business and contributions to the cosmetology field. Specific reference was made to Ms. Coleman’s pioneering work in the specialized area of hair extensions.  Coleman created the Custom Integration, The Swedish Technique, the Malaysian Method and Securelocking Technique of Hair Extensions.
An official citation was presented to Ms. Coleman by LBCM Chair, Aisha N. Braveboy  at a special event titled, “Pursuing The Dream” encouraging young women to reach their highest potential in their chosen area of study and work.  Sponsored by the Negro League Legends Hall Of Fame and the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, the event took place over two days and also included guest speakers, Brigadier General Allyson R. Solomon of the Maryland Air National Guard, and professional golfer, Ginger Howard, the youngest African American woman to join the LPGA.