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MicroIndies paved the way for methods like Great Lengths and Feather Extensions

LASTS: 8-12 weeks before needing some adjusting (due to natural rate of hair growth of client).
TIME TO APPLY: Under 3 hours for a full head (Microlinking) 3-8 hrs. (MicroIndies)
HAIR REQUIREMENTS: 2 bags wefted human hair (full head - Microlinking)
or 6 bags of MicroIndies hair (25 pieces per bag - 300 pieces total)
TOOLS NEEDED: MicroInides: MicroIndies Hair, MicroCrimper, MicroLooper. Microlinking:Curved Needle, Thread, Shears, Butterfly Clips.
DVD LENGTH: 120 min.
DVD COST: $499.00 (includes kit)
PRIVATE CLASS: $1800.00 (includes kit)
STYLIST EARNS: $875.00-$2500.00

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The MicroIndies and Microlinking Technique

The MicroIndies / Microlinking DVD & Kit

Hollywood's hair extension specialist to the stars, Lisha Coleman, has finally unveiled her most versatile and natural method of hair extensions yet! It's called the MicroIndies Method, and it's the first three-in-one technique of hair extensions available on the training video market. I ncredible , flat results using either inidividual strands or wefts make it a must-have for any stylist doing hair extensions. Beyonce, Halle Berry and most of today's top celebrities are wearing wearing similar methods and, as with all of Lisha Coleman's techniques, there are no braids, cornrows or glue.

"The stylist has various options, depending on what the client wants, but will always get the same flat result," says Coleman, from her private Hollywood Hills salon.

The MicroIndies Methdo adjusts easily and quickly with a simple squeeze to the unique MicroCylinder, making tightenings and routine hair extension maintenance a breeze.

In addition to being flat and smooth, the MicroIndies Method is safe on the hair thanks to the absense of braiding or glueing.

And it's quick! Using one of the two different methods that use wefted hair, a full head of hair extnsions can be done in two to three hours.

When using the individual MicroIndies strands the process may take a little longer, depending on the density of hair the client wants.

"Understanding the needs of the client is always the first step in creating beautiful extensions,"explains Coleman. "No two clients are the same. They have different hair textures, growth patterns and head sizes and all of these things must be considered - not to mention what the client wants in terms of overall style."

The client may want something long and sexy or a shorter more business-like style. The MicroIndies Method provides versatility to the stylist to create the ultimate hair extension design.

While wefted hair is available at many beauty supply retailers, the special individual strands (called MicroIndies) used when doing the MicroIndies Method are only available through Lisha coleman's website, www.LISHA.com

Lisha Coleman has also made an exclusive training video available to stylists and students wanting to learn the MicroIndies Method. Hands-on classes are also available at her exclusive Hollywood Hills school, The Coleman Institute.

When it comes to training stylists or students of cosmetology, Lisha Coleman is considered an international leader in the hair extnsion field, attracting students from as far as Italy, Austria, England, Israel and Morocco.

"I love to educate - it's what I was born to do. I love helping people learn and watching them grow to become successful in their field. My videos and classes reflect my own dedication to the craft. Hair extensions are a lucrative business for those who want to be serious."

Coleman was voted "Best Hair Extensionist" by Allure Magazine and continues her work among the Hollywood elite as well as up and comers like the actress seen here, Amanda Davis. Amanda has appeared in videos for R Kelly and Ludacris and modelled for DKNY as well as many leading fashion magazines.

For more information on Lisha Coleman's Hair Extension Video Series or The Coleman Institute, visit www.LISHA.com or call 281-825-1600.

- Black Beauty

Lisha Coleman
Must Have Micro
Lisha Coleman brings you a new hair extension technique called the MicroIndies Method
Hair Extensions and Make-up: Lisha Coleman Photography: Zach Tate

Shari Belafonte had her hair extensions installed by Lisha for the cover of Playboy Magazine.


MicroIndies Makeover:This technique can be done as an individual method or using wefted hair (Micro Linking) but both use Microlinks. Look younger and healthier with hair extensions.

Houston Hair Extns Lisha.com
Houston Hair Extns Lisha.com

An incredible NEW Technique! MicroIndies incorporates an individual technique that last 6 months to 1 year! Extremely flat and natural looking - no should stylist should without!

Houston Hair Extns Lisha.com
Houston Hair Extns Lisha.com
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